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Parking Lot Cleaning & Other Skid Steer Services in Terrace

At North Peak Projects, we can perform various skid steer services for residential and commercial properties. Our state-of-the-art skid steers are light and maneuverable and can be attached with several manpower-saving attachments. Skid steers are well-equipped to accomplish various constructions and landscaping tasks like excavations, digging and trenching. With the high-quality skid steers available with us from the top manufacturers, we are capable of digging anything from narrow portholes to complete building foundations. Additionally, being lighter than other construction track loaders makes them easier to transport, saving you on time and cost. We provide skid steers with tracks or wheels, depending upon the requirement and the topsoil conditions. Tracks have more traction and stand firm when digging through soft soil. With our skilled experts, you can rest assured that all your skid steer needs are met to the utmost satisfaction. These include:

Parking lot sweeping

Posthole drilling

Backfilling and graving

Dirt and debris loading and removal


Sod and lawn installations

Contact us today to learn more about our skid loader services!

Digging and Excavations

Get debris removal, lot clearing, excavations and much more with our superior skid steer services.

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